What is RememBird?

Always with you

Because it fits on your binoculars, you should have RememBird with you any time you go birding. There may be days when you don't need it - but those are actually fairly rare. We often get emails along the lines of "I'm so glad I had it with me when the strange looking Chiffchaff sang!".

RememBird fits onto your binoculars using Velcro so can easily be peeled off and used in the hand - when sea-watching with a 'scope for example.

It only weighs 50g (2 oz) including the one AAA battery it needs so there's no excuse not to keep it handy. Once you've started using it, you'll hate birding without it. One of our customers ordered an upgrade to a Mark II but then was so worried about being without one for a few days that he offered to buy a second one instead.

History of RememBird

The original RememBird was launched at the British Birdfair in August 2006.

The "Mark II" was introduced in 2010 - with more memory, audio field-guide as standard and support for external microphones.