What is RememBird?

Dictation Recorder

RememBird complements your field notebook. By letting you whisper what you see, as you see it, you can take much more accurate notes, more quickly and without taking your eye off the bird for a second. This leaves you more time to watch or sketch the bird.

When it's attached to your binoculars, you control recording with your thumb - even when wearing gloves. Just press the button to record and release it when you’ve finished.

Experienced birders report logging around 10% more birds on surveys than they did when they had to keep getting their notebook out to write down their observations. They also report much warmer hands!

If you have the good fortune to spot something rare, a recording of the description you made at the time is much more credible than one written up later. No-one can accuse you of cribbing it from the field-guide when they can hear the bird still calling in the background.

History of RememBird

The original RememBird was launched at the British Birdfair in August 2006.

The "Mark II" was introduced in 2010 - with more memory, audio field-guide as standard and support for external microphones.