What is RememBird?

Birdsong Recorder

The "best" birdsong recorder anyone has is the one that was recording when the bird called. The most expensive high quality recorder is useless if it's turned off in your backpack at that moment or, worse still, left at home or in the car.

RememBird has a forward facing microphone and high gain amplifier that records all the time - so even if the bird only sings once, you should have a recording of it.

When it's attached to your binoculars, your thumb controls the recording. As you press the button it retains the previous eight seconds of audio that it heard and continues to record as long as you hold the button down.

Although the microphone is not directional, this is an advantage for opportunistic recording. You often won't be watching the bird that calls when it first makes a noise - yet RememBird will still pick up the call.

If you do want to carry a directional microphone as well, you can plug it into RememBird with the optional adapter lead for those occasions when you want to pick out one bird from many or from distracting background noise.

History of RememBird

The original RememBird was launched at the British Birdfair in August 2006.

The "Mark II" was introduced in 2010 - with more memory, audio field-guide as standard and support for external microphones.