Once installed, the Song and Notes Organiser automatically checks for updates and will invite you to upgrade to the latest release (or beta release if you have indicated that you are happy to try beta releases on the RememBird Preferences dialog within the program). You should therefore only need to download via these links if you are installing onto a new computer.

You are welcome to download the software. It is of limited use without a RememBird but will let you see what can be done with a RememBird.

Stable Release (4.0.33)

Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/7

Click here to download the latest full version or here if you are already on Version 4 or higher.

MacOS 10.3-10.6

Click here to download.

Previous Release (3.0.2)

If you have a Mark I RememBird, you can continue to use Version 3. Version 4 (above) will support the Mark I RememBird as well as the Mark II but has not been as extensively tested on the Mark I. The new features in Version 4 are only applicable to the Mark II RememBird only.

Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista (32-bit)

Click here to download the full install kit for 3.0.1. Then click here to upgrade from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2.

MacOS 10.3-10.6

Click here to download.

My RememBird

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