Upgrade Program

RememBird was designed to let us swap the circuit board as technology improved so we can recycle all of your other components: the case, battery leads, microphone, buttons etc.

So anyone who bought the original RememBird (between 2006 and 2009) is entitled to upgrade to a Mark II at very special rates.

Why upgrade?

The key improvements are:

  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • 100 times as much memory
  • Many audio field-guides can be loaded at the same time
  • Supports line-in and external microphones
  • Higher gain
  • Audio field-guide as standard

What does it cost?

60 or 70 (+ 5 P&P)

That depends on whether or not you have previously purchased an audio field-guide. If you have, then we can load this onto your new Mark II RememBird and do not have to pay further royalties. If not, the higher price applies.

How do I upgrade?


  • order an upgrade through the Online Store
  • put your RememBird and audio field-guide cards into a small padded bag (no need to send the box etc.)
  • post them to either our UK or US offices (addresses here)
  • sit back and wait. We normally turn them round within a week.

Available Worldwide

You can order online for shipment anywhere in the world.

Prices include VAT

Prices shown here are in UK pounds and include 20% tax. If you live outside the European Union we don't have to charge you this. The online store will show you approximate prices in your country taking account of this.