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Here are our suggested "packages" that make great Christmas or birthday presents. Unlike most birdwatching items, you don't need to worry about getting the right color or size or wonder is it's the one they would have chosen.

Please note that Postage and packing is a fixed 5 per order from the online store.

RememBird Packages

The Safe Option

145 inc VAT

If they haven't already got one, you can't go wrong with just the RememBird itself.

The Flexible Option

155 inc VAT

A RememBird plus a speaker/microphone adapter lead will let them get the most out of RememBird.

The Kitchen Sink

171 inc VAT

A Remembird, speaker/microphone adapter lead and a Rycote windshield will maximize the value of their RememBird.

Add-on Bells and Whistles

For the birder who has everything - including a RememBird - consider these add-ons:

Extra Audio Field-guides


These make great last minute buys as they are downloadable so no need to wait for the post! If you know where he's going, buy him the appropriate guide. If not, buy an open voucher and let him choose which one he wants next.

Adapter Lead

6 or 10

These let you plug in external speakers and (with the more expensive one) an external microphone to get even better recordings.

Furry Windshield

16 inc VAT

These cute little critters push over the business end of the RememBird and reduce wind-noise so you can record on more blustery days

Available Worldwide

You can order online for shipment anywhere in the world.

Prices include VAT

Prices shown here are in UK pounds and include 20% tax. If you live outside the European Union we don't have to charge you this. The online store will show you approximate prices in your country taking account of this.