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Whether you're just starting out or an expert ornithologist, RememBird can help you get more from your birding. Using it as suggested below will make you more attuned to bird sounds. Don't worry about taking lots of recordings. It's like a digital camera: bad recordings cost nothing so take lots. Once in a while you'll be very glad you did.

Anything you fail to identify in the field can often be clinched when you get home by reviewing your own notes and recordings. Failing that, there are always more experienced birders ready and waiting for you to "ask a friend". They'll be much more inclined and able to help you when presented with a recording of the bird in question and an accurately noted description than if you try to describe the call and remember what you saw.


Start just with RememBird - which includes your local audio field-guide.

Experienced Birders

We recommend RememBird, a microphone adapter lead and a shotgun microphone.


You should probably be carrying RememBird, a microphone adapter lead, a shotgun microphone and a powered speaker.

  • While walking or being driven to a site, use the audio field-guide to remind yourself of the calls and songs of the birds you hope to see there.
  • Record any sound you can't immediately identify.
  • When you see a bird that you don't recognise, start dictating as full a description of it as you can.
  • Keep RememBird on whenever you're actively birding. You never know when something unusual might call.
  • Take records of scarcer birds' calls to help back up your submissions to county and national recorders.
  • Dictate a full description of anything you expect to submit a record of.
  • Use RememBird to take time-stamped notes when surveying. You will see more and miss less than if you are continually reaching for a notebook during a transect.
  • Help to improve the libraries of birdsong by taking recordings of less common vocalisations, even of common species.
  • Use playback to lure birds to ringing stations (abiding by appropriate guidelines)

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The prices shown here are in UK pounds and include 20% tax. If you live outside the European Union we don't have to charge you this. The online store will show you approximate prices in your country taking account of this.

Only one RememBird

There used to be a separate variant for use with external microphones - the "RememBird-X".

The current model supports external and internal microphones. Just add the adapter lead if you want to use a shotgun or parabolic microphone.