The "standard" RememBird package

If you simply order "a RememBird" you will get everything you need to start recording - except for the AAA battery. This includes lanyard, earpiece, USB cable, PC/Mac software and an audio field-guide of your choice. The languages available for the various components of the package are shown below:

PC/Mac Application

The application automatically uses the language your computer is set to (if it can) or you can force it to use any of the other supported languages.


RememBird ships with the manual and Quick-start guide in your language where possible. Other languages can be downloaded from the Support pages if you need them.

Audio Field-guide

The European Audio Field-guide is currently available with the species names and announcements in several languages. Others are currently in English only.

The "bells and whistles"

Audio Field-guides

If travelling outside the area covered by the audio field-guide already on your RememBird, order the appropriate guide. These are downloaded directly from this website to your RememBird so you can get them up to the last minute!

Optional Accessories

To save on postage, it can be a good idea to order these at the same time:.

  • adapter lead for external speakers, headphones or microphones
  • windshield to improve the quality of recordings on windy days

Spare Parts

In case you lose them, or just want another, we also supply replacement:

  • Earpieces
  • Lanyards
  • USB cables
  • Velcro strips

Prices include VAT

The prices shown here are in UK pounds and include 20% tax. If you live outside the European Union we don't have to charge you this. The online store will show you approximate prices in your country taking account of this.

Only one RememBird

There used to be a separate variant for use with external microphones - the "RememBird-X".

The current model supports external and internal microphones. Just add the adapter lead if you want to use a shotgun or parabolic microphone.