Audio Field-guides

10 - 46 inc. VAT (downloaded, so no postage) or one FREE with a RememBird

RememBird can hold thousands of recordings and comes pre-loaded with an audio field-guide of your choice. If you order online, you can choose any audio field-guide. Resellers stock Europe, North American and Australian ones only.

Each one has hundreds of recordings and many have several different calls for each species. How an audio field-guide works is described here.


26 inc VAT

North America

26 inc VAT


26 inc VAT


46 inc VAT


46 inc VAT


46 inc VAT

North Africa

10 inc VAT

Trinidad & Tobago

16 inc VAT

Coming soon...

Tropical Asia

46 inc VAT


46 inc VAT


46 inc VAT

Prices include VAT

The prices shown here are in UK pounds and include 20% tax. If you live outside the European Union we don't have to charge you this. The online store will show you approximate prices in your country taking account of this.

Only one RememBird

There used to be a separate variant for use with external microphones - the "RememBird-X".

The current model supports external and internal microphones. Just add the adapter lead if you want to use a shotgun or parabolic microphone.