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Upgrade to a "Mark II"

If you bought your RememBird before May 2010, you have a Mark I (the "original" RememBird). We are now shipping the Mark II - which has much more memory (4GB instead of 32MB) onboard and so has no need for memory cards. It can hold up to seven audio field-guides at the same time - and comes with one built in as standard. It works with the latest Windows operating systems, uploads faster, has brighter lights... and so on. All of the details on the website (apart from the support section) now relate to the Mark II.

Less than half price

Mark I owners can upgrade to the latest RememBird at less than half the price of a new one.

Louder and clearer sound on Mark II

Since 1st October 2010, RememBirds have been shipping with an improved speaker mounting. This significantly increases the volume that the internal speaker can generate. It's now very similar level and quality to that of a mobile phone mp3 player. Even if you don't need the extra volume, the modification is recommended as your RememBird will use less power to produce the volume you do use - and hence your battery will last longer.

Let us improve yours for free

We can modify any RememBird sold before this time, free of charge. Just send it to our UK or US office in a small padded bag (no need for the box or other accessories). Make sure you tell us the return address. We aim to turn these round within a week of receiving them.

New Audio Field-guides

We have taken delivery of a batch of guides covering South East Asia, Bolivia and Ecuador. Having just finished updating the website, we're now working on the indexing of these to make them available as downloads. We hope to have these available before the end of 2010.

Help us prioritize others by telling us which you need.

New Languages

We've been greatly helped by a number of existing and new users. They have translated the application, the Quick-start guide, the manual and the European audio field-guide into several new languages. We would like to add a number of other languages. Let us know if you'd be interested in translating it for us - or know someone who would like to earn a free RememBird by doing so.

Check if we have your language here.

Got a Mark II yet?

If you bought your RememBird before 2010, it is a Mark I. You can upgrade for less than half the price of a new Mark II. Click here to learn more.

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